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Water Coolers
Main Specifications:
Dimensions and mounting dimensions:
The model range of manufactured chillers is presented
18 standard sizes of refrigerating capacity 30 ... 550 kW
Estimated outdoor temperature:
plus 40ºС at a humidity of 65% in the summer;
plus 5ºС at a humidity of 85% in winter;
sea water temperature up to plus 30 ºС.
OV-X type chillers operate reliably with:
in the conditions of the bank and trim of the vessel, as well as with side and keel pitching;
with deviations of the nominal value of the supply voltage up to 10%;
vibration with an amplitude of ± 1 mm from 2 to 13.2 Hz;
shock with an acceleration of ± 3 g, beats per minute from 40 to
80 1 / min.
OV-H Type Water Cooler (chiller) is designed to cool such cooling media as fresh water or non-freezing solutions. A cooling medium (Freon) transfers heat from the evaporator and removes it into the external environment through the condenser. The performance of HOTCHYA's chillers is from 30 to 550 KW.