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Engineering and auxiliary vessels are intended to maintain various types of sea vessels, port facilities and waterways. This group usually includes crane vessels, industrial ships and other vessels.
Project 3612 multimission towing and fire-fighting vessels with a towing force of 70 tons

Project 11001 vessels for construction and repair of oil and gas facilities

Crane vessels
This subgroup of vessels includes port construction ships, derrick boats, floating docks and floating workshops.
Industrial ships
This subgroup includes vessels designed for construction and land reclamation, as well as for offshore oil production, sand and gravel mining: floating drilling rigs, dredging vessels (flushing and sand suction dredgers), and sludge barges.
Other vessels
Other vessels include timber ships (rafting and timber-carrying vessels), agricultural (sprinklers, water-lifting vessels), power supply (floating power, compressor and transformer plants), communication vessels (cable layers and cable repair vessels), as well as small vessels for cleaning water areas - garbage collection boats.
Project 13015 salvage tugs for duty and rescue operations
Project HS 2811 pusher-type tug boats
Project HS 24P platform ships
Project 18006 vessels for the Northern Supply Haul