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A flexible design system and a wide specialization of the engineering staff make it possible to carry out an almost unlimited range of design work, from creating a large project for a series of vessels to issuing documentation for a separate unit selected by the customer for the operation of the vessel.
Special Purpose Vessels
Passenger and cargo ships
The technical capabilities of the company ensure the implementation of the full cycle of design and construction work from a small fishing vessel to a large trawler designed for fishing and processing of raw materials; from a tugboat to a cable vessel.
Fishing vessels
Supply vessels
Technical and auxiliary fleet vessels
For 12 years in shipbuilding, we have released more than 25 vessels that work for the benefit of Russia and private companies without complaints.
A sea, lake or river vessel used to study the earth, water masses, biomass, bottom, atmosphere of the Earth and outer space.
Technical fleet vessels are intended for the maintenance of various sea vessels, port facilities and waterways.
Special purpose vessels are designed to perform strictly defined work or tasks.
Bunkers are intended for supplying ships in the parking lot or on the move with fuel
Vessels used for fishing and processing fish or other living resources of the sea.
Ships equipped for the simultaneous transportation of goods and passengers.
Supply vessels are intended to replenish supplies of consumables, other vessels, ships, marine and coastal structures.