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Air Curtains
Main technical specifications:
Dimensions and mounting dimensions:
The specific air flow rate per meter of jet range lies in the range up to 37,000 m³ / h / m.

The air velocity at the outlet is up to 13 m / sec.

The degree of protection provided by the enclosure is IP54. It is allowed to install curtains with the degree of protection of the enclosure IP54 to protect openings in rooms with explosion hazard categories V-Ib and V-IIa when fulfilling the requirements of 7.3.63 PUE.

Installation of curtains - horizontal and vertical.

Air heating at maximum power - up to 13 ºС

Sound pressure at a distance of 5m - up to 67 dBA

Power supply - alternating current voltage 127 ... 400 V.

The curtain is controlled and connected to the electric network through control modules.

The MP-E module is designed to connect each curtain with a degree of protection IP54 to the electrical network and control using an external remote control. Up to twenty curtains can be connected to one remote control.

The curtain is equipped with an emergency shutdown device for heating elements in case of overheating of the housing.
There is an automatic delay to turn off the fan.
Water and electric air-curtains are used to protect openings from
the penetration of cold air into the room and reduce heat loss in
When the heating element is turned off, the curtain can be used in summer
time to protect the air-conditioned room from getting inside the warm
outdoor air, dust, smoke, insects, etc.
Air is supplied to the protected opening by a narrow directed stream of air flow.