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Sound Attenuators
Main Specifications:
Dimensions and mounting dimensions:
Climatic modification "U", 3rd category of accommodation. The dimensions are fully consistent with GOST, which guarantees quick and easy installation. Air masses and chemically non-aggressive gas-air media are transported, the temperature of which is within 8000С, with a relative humidity of 60%. Distinctive features: increased reliability, long service life.
Structurally, the silencer is two boxes, inserted one into the other, can be round (GShK) and rectangular (GShP) section. Sound-absorbing material is placed between the boxes. The inside is perforated. The manufacturing material is galvanized steel. Sound-absorbing material contains fireproof superthin fiber. Designed for use in an environment that does not contain radioactive and explosive mixtures. Mufflers are mounted on air ducts and can also be interconnected.
Modern standards require that air conditioning, ventilation and air-heating systems be quiet, which must be taken into account in the design and construction of buildings. Noise level is an important criterion for determining the quality of these systems. Using a silencer, it is possible to effectively reduce the level of aerodynamic noise that is created:
- air conditioners and fans;
- diaphragms and throttles;
- heating units;
- elements that regulate air flow.