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Remotely Controlled Fire Flap Valves
KP-60 fire damper, normally open (BUT) type, is designed to block the spread of fire and combustion products through air ducts, shafts and channels of ventilation, air conditioning and air heating systems when they cross fire barriers (steel bulkheads and A-60 class decks) .
The valve can be used in the following industries:
- Shipbuilding;
- Industry.

Fire damper KP-60, manufactured under the supervision of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and the Russian River Register (RRR). The valve is type approved by RMRS.
KP-60 valves are single or double-leaf (without flaps outside the housing), square or rectangular cross-section with external placement of an electromechanical actuator. If necessary, equipped with adapters for circular cross-section. With a cross-sectional size of more than 1000 mm, a composite cartridge of 2 or 4 valves connected to each other is used. Each valve making up the cartridge is equipped with an individual actuator.

Material of the main parts
The material of the main parts of the valve is steel 09G2S with a corrosion-resistant coating resistant to the effects of transported air and the environment. Production from stainless steel 12X18H10T is allowed. The thickness of the main valve parts is at least 3 mm (depending on the required thickness for a given cross section of the ventilation duct).
Key Specifications
Transported medium: air and other non-explosive gas mixtures that are not aggressive with carbon steels of ordinary quality, paint and varnish coatings and electrical insulating materials, containing no sticky substances, fibrous and abrasive materials, with a content of dust and other solid impurities not exceeding 100 mg / m3.
Fire resistance of the valve EI60.
The valve is not explosion proof. The valve cannot be installed in rooms of explosion and fire hazard categories A and B according to NPB 105-03.
Climatic modification of the OM and TM valve of categories 2-4 in accordance with GOST 15150.
The valve is designed for normal use.
Climate Performance Index: Normal.
Ambient temperature from -40 ° С to +50 ° С.
Relative humidity up to 98% at a temperature of plus 35 ° С.
Direct exposure to precipitation is not allowed.
Valves can be installed in rooms with high humidity.
By type of protection against electric shock
According to the type of protection against electric shock, the product belongs to devices
Class II (all isolated), operation without the use of an additional ground wire for valves with a 230 V electric drive. The valve is designed for continuous operation without disconnecting from the mains.
The valve control is automatic from the signals of fire automation systems or remote (from the control panel). It is possible to manually control the valve, as well as fixing it in any position. Unlocking is carried out either manually by the switch of the locking mechanism, or automatically when power is supplied to the drive.
Belimo BFL 230 electric drive specifications
The principle of operation of the drive is the disconnection of the supply voltage.
Valve leaf movement time to the protective position,
60 sec - from the electric drive motor,
20 sec - from the drive spring at a temperature of –10 ... + 55 ° С.
Type of protection against access to hazardous parts and water penetration - IP 54.
Rated voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, voltage range 198 ... 264 V.
Connection - halogen-free cable, power / control 1 m, 2x0.75 m, auxiliary switches 1 m, 6x0.75 m
The actuator contains two fixed microswitches for signaling the end positions of the valve.
Electric drive power:
- TDP: 6.5 VA, current I max. 4 A at t = 5 ms;
- Power consumption in various modes of operation of the electric motor, no more than:
- 3.0 W during engine operation;
- 0.9 W while holding the wings.
Mounting dimensions