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Project HS 50 pilot vessels
Description of the vessel:
Project HS 50 pilot vessels are designed to safely transport and transfer (receive) pilots in areas more than 20 miles distant from the shore, using the ship-to-ship method or pilot boats to escort vessels.
The vessel is planned to be operated during summer and winter navigation in the Gulf of Finland with an ice thickness of up to 0.8 meters.

Vessel equipment:
• Delivery and transfer (reception) of pilots.
• Winches, deck equipment.
• 2 pilot boats (10.5 m).
• Cargo telescopic electro-hydraulic crane (g / p 15t).
• Bow thruster (360 kW).
• Fire fighting system FF3WS.
• Tank to calm the pitching.
Ship class: КМ ARC5 R2 AUT1 FF3WS Pilot ship
Length: 50.0 m
Width: 10.0 m
Draft on waterline: 3,5m
Speed: 18.0 knots
Main engine: 2х 3 MW
Autonomy: 30 days
Cruising Range: 2,500 miles
Crew: 14 people
Specialist. staff: 40 people
Full displacement: about 1000 tons.