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Project HS 24P platform ships
Description of the vessel:
Project HS 24P vessel are intended for cargo operations in the Northern Dvina.
The vessel is equipped with a main propulsion machinery and a hydraulic manipulator for loading and unloading cargo.
Vessel equipment:
• Transportation of deck (forest) cargo.
• Modular propulsion system.
• Crane arm.
• Winches, deck equipment.
Ship class: КМ X Р 1.2
Length Overall: 24.0 m
Width: 8.0 m
Draft on waterline: 1.2m
Speed: 9.0 knots
Main engine: 300 kW
Autonomy: 7 days
Crew: 2 people
Gross GT capacity: 156 reg. t
Full displacement: 175 t.