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Compressor-condenser assemblies
Main Specifications:
Dimensions and mounting dimensions:
Power in the cold - 15 ÷ 600kW
Power Options 3 * 400V / 50Hz
Climatic modification (in accordance with GOST 15150) OM4
Cooling medium - sea water
Refrigerant - 1st safety group according to RS classification
Temperature of cooling sea water - up to plus 30 ° С
Electrical protection class - IP55
Operating temperature range from minus 5 to plus 40 ° С
Assigned resource until overhaul 30 000h
Assigned service life 10 years
This refrigeration unit is designed to treat a heat transfer agent (to pressurise the agent to the extent the specified boiling point is reached). The refrigeration unit is designed to work with the cooling section (evaporator) part of the air handling unit. The performance of HOTCHYA's refrigeration units is from 15 to 600 KW.