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Valve Boxes
Main Specifications:
Dimensions and mounting dimensions:
Case Material: Carbon Steel
Locking Material: Bronze
Stem Material: Stainless Steel
Nominal Diameter (DN, mm): 100
Working pressure, MPa: 1,0
Pneumatic actuator control pressure, MPa: 0.8
Processing medium: diesel fuel, oil, "dark" and "light" oil products
Valve boxes are intended to control fuel transfer in fuel systems of ship power plants.

Valve boxes can also be used in onshore facilities, in the oil and gas industry, in liquid fuel transfer systems with raise equipment reliability requirements.

Unlike monolithic valve boxes with a large number of chambers, these ones are designed using the modular principle. Customers keep options open to order a desired number of modules for their pipeline systems, only using two-stack and three-stack boxes.

The valve box is equipped with a pneumatic double-acting actuator with a manual backup mechanism.