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Duct Fans
Main Specifications:
The performance of the fans is ensured by the following mechanical influences:
Electric fans from a domestic manufacturer are manufactured under the technical supervision of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping or the Russian River Register.

Technical requirements - according to MPRT.644800.003TU and MPRT.644800.003TU1.

Work at an ambient temperature from minus 40 ° C to plus 50 ° C.

The size range of marine fans can be expanded with new sizes in accordance with the technical requirements of the Customer.

The range of nominal air flow rates is up to 3,000 m3 / h.

The fan case has a cylindrical shape, the electric motor is located inside the case.

On the outside of the housing is a terminal box for electrical connections.

The climatic version of the fans, the category of placement and operating conditions of OM2 comply with GOST 15150-69. The fans are equipped with electric motors with voltage 400 V RA 71 OM2, as well as explosion-proof electric motors type VA 63 OM2.

The fan speed is 1500 and 3000 rpm. Fans are installed in horizontal position. Impeller blades made of aluminum alloy have a complex highly efficient profile shape with two radii, which increases the fan efficiency by 5-10%.

The coating of parts and assemblies in the device provides corrosion resistance, reliable operation and decorative appearance of the device during operation.

The fan casing and impeller are made of aluminum alloy. Compact overall dimensions while maintaining high aerodynamic performance. Short delivery times thanks to the warehouse program. Wide range. Large selection of optional equipment. Electric fans type VK-X are designed to move air in ventilation, air conditioning and air heating systems, at oil and gas production facilities on the sea shelf.
Scope of delivery:
- rolling onboard with a period of 7 ... 9 s, amplitude up to 22.5 °;
- pitching with a period of 5 ... 7 s, amplitude up to 10 °;
- roll long up to 15 °;
- trim long up to 5 °;
- vibration acceleration with an amplitude of up to 2g;

The service life of the fans is 25 years.
As standard, electric fans come with brackets for attaching to a deck or ceiling and the necessary fasteners. Upon request, they are delivered with a frequency converter. Delivered with the following documentation:
- technical description;
- instructions for the operation and repair of equipment;
- installation instructions;
- instructions for acceptance, transportation, storage, reconservation, commissioning;
- passports, forms;
- drawing with overall and mounting dimensions.
- electronic model of electric fan in three-dimensional format.
Dimensions and mounting dimensions