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Self-Contained Air-Conditioning Units
Basic specifications
Dimensions and mounting dimensions:
Model range 5 - 31.5 KW
Air handling capacity 800 – 16000 m3/h
Total air pressure 1000 – 3000 Pa
Cooling load 5 - 31.5 KW
Heat output 6 - 30 KW
Condensing water flow 2 – 30 m3/h
Power supply voltage 3 ph/400 V

Self-contained marine air-conditioning unit, manufactured by OOO Hotchya, are equipped with a vapour compression-refrigerating machine and a water refrigeration system, and are designed to create favourable temperature and humidity conditions in marine air-conditioning systems. The equipment can also be used in onshore facilities, industrial ventilation systems with raise requirements for the reliability of HVAC equipment, as well as in the construction industry.