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Project 19004 crab-fishing vessels
Description of the vessel:
Project 19004 vessels are intended for fishing crab using conical crab traps, storing frozen crab in special insulated tanks (RSW tanks) filled with chilled and prepared seawater and installed in a cooler, as well as transporting and delivering live crab to the port. The vessel is not intended for on board post-capture handling.
Vessel equipment:
• Grounding gears;

• Mooring capstan;

• Mainline hauling machine;

• Swivel winch for lifting traps;

• Warp trawl winch;

• Mainline compacting machine;

• Trap transportation line;

• Winch for transporting buoys;

• Cargo crane with an articulating boom.
Ship class: КМ Ice3 (hull, power) AUT 3 Fishing vessel
Length Overall: 64.0 m
Width: 12.0 m
Depth: 5.0 m
Draft on waterline: 4.1 m
Autonomy: 40 days
RSW tank capacity: 360 mᶟ
Storage bait: 45 мᶟ
Full displacement: 1 800 t.