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Project 19001 multi-purpose research vessels
Description of the vessel:
Comprehensive and special scientific research using marine scientific equipment installed on board and in scientific modules on deck, using underwater vehicles, boats, associated technical equipment to ensure their operation, as well as electronic equipment intended to process, storage and transfer scientific data.
In accordance with the purpose, the vessel addresses the following tasks:
• hydrometeorological surveys;

• collection and storage of sea water samples;

• analysis of sea water samples and the results of measurements;

• work with immersed scientific equipment;

• conducting research and collecting materials for scientific purposes using a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROUV) and a manned submersible vehicle;

• measurement of magnetic, gravitational, electric and thermal fields;

• biological and environmental research;

• geological and hydrographic sea floor surveys;

• seabed surveys, including sampling and analysis of seabed samples;

• analysis of the results of field measurements.

Ship class: КМ Arc4 [1] АUT1-ICS OMBO DYNPOS-2 EPP ECO-S Special purpose ship
Length Overall: 119.0 m
Width: 22.2 m
Depth to VP: 11 m
Draft on waterline: 6.0 m
Speed: 15.0 knots
GEM: 15 MW
Autonomy: 50 days
Cruising Range: 14,000 Miles
Crew: 35 people
Scientific group: 45 people