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Project 18005 LNG bunkers
Description of the vessel:
Project 18005 vessels are designed to provide year-round towing of LNG vessels equipped with dual-fuel SPPs in the Baltic Sea.
Equipment and functions of the vessel:
• LNG bunkering of ships equipped with a propulsion system operating on natural gas or dual fuel through flexible hoses stored on board the bunker vessel;
• LNG reception and unloading of LNG from / to onshore terminals / s through cargo manifolds;
• LNG reception from LNG carrier vessels and / or PRGU through flexible hoses stored on board the bunker;
• storage of LNG, ballast water and working fluids in special or isolated containers;
• cooling of own LNG tanks (tanks) and LNG tanks of a bunkered vessel;
• providing a full range of energy, auxiliary systems and control systems for their own needs;
• the ability to disconnect from the bunkered vessel in an emergency if external weather conditions exceed the calculated parameters of mooring operations or in the event of an emergency;
• LNG shipping by sea (the ability to go on its own and using natural gas as fuel in a shuttle gas carrier mode).

КМ Gas carrier type2G (-163°C, 0.50 t/m³), Gas bunkering vessel, Arc4 (1A), R1, AUT1-ICS, OMBO, CCO
The greatest length is approx. 99.60 m
Length between perpendiculars approx. 92.35 m
The width of the hull is the largest 18.00 m
Side height in the midship to the upper deck 13.60 m
Side height in the midship to the lower deck 10.40 m
Draft according to waterline, (from OP) 5.70 m
Empty displacement approx. 4000 t
Speed approx. 13.50 knots
Crew 15 people
LNG cargo tanks (Type C) (two-piece) approx. 5800 m3
Maximum LNG Tank Pressure 5.0 bar
Fuel MGO approx. 250 m3
LNG loading speed of at least 400 m3 / h
Cryogenic manifolds for loading LNG 2