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Project 18003 research vessels
Description of the vessel:
This type of research vessels (RVs) is designed to conduct research in commercial oceanology and biology, as well as fishing based on the ecosystem approach (compliance with ICES Recommendations No. 209).
Comprehensive marine bioresource research to study of the relationship between environmental conditions and the state of aquatic biological resources, their stock assessment and methods for harmonious exploitation:
• trawl-acoustic and trawl surveys to account hatchling (restocking) and to evaluate the stocks using the results in long-term forecasts;
• collection of scientific, fishery and biological information about the state of the environment, the prey population and the raw material base with the aim of harmonious exploitation of stocks, effective exhaustion of national quotas and projected annual outputs of quota-free fishery;
• research of behaviour and collection of information to estimate stocks of aquatic organisms using a remote-controlled underwater vehicle.

Fishing for research purposes using bottom and pelagic trawls.

Ship class: КМ Arc4 [1] AUT1-ICS DYNPOS-1 Special purpose ship, Fishing
Length Overall: 69.99m
Width: 15.8 m
Depth: 8.6 m
Draft on waterline: 5.8 m
Full displacement: 4,100 t
Speed: 13 knots
Two main DGs: 2x1200 kW
Auxiliary DG: 600 kW
Autonomy: 50 days
Crew: 27 people
Scientific group: 22 people