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Project 17003 medium freezer crab-fishing boats
Description of the vessel:
Project 17003 vessels are intended for fishing crab in remote areas of the World Ocean using conical crab traps, as well as for processing crab into frozen products, storing frozen products, transporting and delivering products to transport refrigerators at sea or on shore.
Vessel equipment:
• Bow funnel type thruster.

• Hydraulic crab traps hauling machine. Trap lifting windlass.

• Derrick booms and cranes.

• Complex for sorting, processing and freezing the catch.

• Process equipment (35 t per day).

• Freezing equipment (20 t per day).
Ship class: КМ Ice3 AUT1 REF Fishing vessel
Length Overall: 55.0 m
Width: 13.0 m
Depth: 8.7 m
Draft on waterline: 5.0 m
Speed: 12.0 knots
GEM: 2.0 MW
Autonomy: 40 days
Crew: 30 people
Hold capacity: 450 mᶟ
Full displacement: 1 900t.