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Project 17002 medium freezer trawlers
Description of the vessel:
Project 17002 vessels are intended for fishing with bottom and pelagic trawls, processing, freezing, storing and transporting, as well as for obtaining fish meal from fish processing waste. These vessels are able to transfer products to transport refrigerators, as well as to receive fuel, supplies and equipment at sea.
Vessel equipment:
• Fishing.

• Processing and freezing.

• Storing and transporting.

• Navigation and acoustic equipment.

• Windlasses, cranes, deck equipment.

• Fishing equipment.
Ship class: КМ Ice3 AUT 1 REF Fishing vessel
Length: 80.9 m
Width: 17.0 m
Depth: 6.75 m
Draft on waterline: 6.5m
Speed: 15.0 knots
GEM: 6.9 MW
Autonomy: 30 days
Crew: 58 people
Hold capacity: 2 550 мᶟ
Full displacement: 5,900 t.