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Project 15006 fishing freezer trawlers
Description of the vessel:
Project 15006 vessels are intended to fish oceanic and marine bioresources in remote areas of the World Ocean, using bottom and pelagic trawls, to process fish into frozen products and non-food accidental catch and fish processing waste into food meal, industrial fat (semi-finished pharmaceutical oil), as well as to store manufactured products and to deliver processed products to transport refrigerators at sea.
• Fishing (Pollock, herring, salmon).

• Processing and freezing. Obtaining fishmeal.

• The production capacity of the fish-processing complex is at least 300 tons of raw per day.

• The productivity of the freezing section is at least 180 tons per day.

• Storm oil tank.
Ship class: КМ ICE 3 [1] AUT1 REF Fishing vessel
Length: 105.0 m
Width: 20.0 m
Depth: 11.6 m
Draft on waterline: 8.0m
Speed: 15.0 knots
Main engine: 2x4.5 MW
Autonomy: 45 days
Cruising Range: 10,000 miles
Crew: 110 people
Capacity of freezing holds, 4200 m3
Holds of fishmeal holds, 1600 m3
Tanks of fish oil, about 80 m3
Full displacement: 10600 t.