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Project 12014 large tuna seiners
Description of the vessel:
Large tuna seiners are designed for tuna fishing in the Atlantic, as well as in the Northern and Far Eastern basins. Their fishing equipment includes a purse seine, a seine ground line-hauling machine, a net-hauling machine, as well as a stacking roll, equipped with a mover.

There are 16 holds for storing fish products inside the hull, and for cooling tuna in brine or RSW, followed by cooling in dry tanks.
Vessel equipment:
• Winches, cranes, deck equipment;
• Chamber for freezing selected raw;
• Freezer for shock freezing of raw.
Ship class: КМ AUT1-ICS DYNPOS-1 REF Fishing vessel
Length: 85.8 m
Breadth Extreme: 13.8 m
Sideboard midship: 9.9 m
Draft according to the waterline on the midship: 6.5 m
Speed (cruising): 15 knots
GEM: 9,000 kW
Autonomy: 50 days
Cruising Range: 6,000 Miles
Crew: 32 people
Volume of fish hold: 1,500 m 500