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Project 12012 research vessels
Description of the vessel:
This type of research vessels (RVs) is designed to conduct research in commercial oceanology and biology, as well as fishing (based on the ecosystem approach).

These RVs conduct multiview trawl-acoustic surveys and measurement aimed to assess the stocks of aquatic organisms, as well as to study the oceanological environment of biological and commercial water productivity.
Vessel equipment:
• Sonar detection equipment

• Submersible sound and towed equipment;

• Shipboard laboratory equipment;

• Indoor heated hangar;

• DYNPOS vessel dynamic positioning system;

• A data collection, storage and processing system from computerized equipment and systems;

Ship class: КМ Ice3 AUT1-ICS DYNPOS-1, Special purpose ship, Fishing vessel
Length: 90.6 m
Width: 19.2 m
Depth: 9.6 m
Draft on waterline: 6.5 m
Full displacement: 6,255 t
Cruising speed: 12 knots
GEM: 5 070 kW
Autonomy: 50 days
Cruising Range: 20,000 miles
Crew: 40 people
Scientific staff: 20 people
Fish hold: 500 mᶟ