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Project 11002 research vessels
Description of the vessel:
These research vessels (RVs) are designed to conduct multiview trawl-acoustic surveys aimed to assess the stocks of aquatic organisms, as well as to study the oceanological environment of biological and commercial water productivity and to collect materials for estimating stocks of aquatic organisms using a remote-controlled underwater vehicle. The vessel can map the sea floor and fish for research purposes using bottom and pelagic trawls.
Vessel equipment:
• Navigation and acoustic equipment

• Sonar detection equipment

• Submersible sound and towed equipment

• Shipboard laboratory equipment

• A data collection, storage and processing system from computerized equipment and systems

• Windlasses, cranes, deck equipment
Ship class: КМ Ice3 AUT1-ICS EPP ECO Special purpose ship
Length: 101.2 m
Width: 20.0 m
Depth: 10.0 m
Draft on waterline: 6.5 m
Displacement full: 7 840 t
Cruising speed: 12 knots
GEM: 6 800 kW
Autonomy: 60 days
Cruising Range: 20,000 miles
Crew: 40 people
Scientific staff: 25 people
Fish hold: 1,000 mᶟ