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Project 11001 vessels for construction and repair of oil and gas facilities
Description of the vessel:
An icebreaking support vessel designed to carry out a range of works in shallow water areas, including construction of underwater main and intrafield pipelines and structures for offshore oil and gas fields; technical support and assistance; environmental monitoring and control (including ice); icebreaking and rescue operations.
Vessel equipment:
• Helipad

• Launching device with lifting capacity up to 70 tons

• Underwater remote-controlled vehicles

• Diving complex for operations at depths up to 450 m

• U-shaped frame with loading capacity up to 250 tons

• Trencher
Ship class: Arc7 AUT1 DYNPOS-2 EPP ECO Special purpose ship
Length Overall: 134.4 m
Width: 26.4 m
Depth: 12.5 m
Draft on waterline: 8.5 m
Cruising speed: 16 knots
GEM: 20.4 MW
Autonomy: 60 days
Cruising Range: 37,500 miles
Crew: 38 people
Specialist. staff: 64 people
Displacement total 17 800 t