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Project HS 28 seiners
Description of the vessel:
Project HS 28S fishing seiners provide purse seine fishing. This type of vessels is equipped with seawater-refrigerated tanks, which are used to store pelagic fish species, as well as with a vacuum pump and a bilge pumping system. They are able to deliver live fish to coastal and floating bases.
Vessel equipment and functions:
• Wallet and bottom fishing.
• Storage and transportation of fish in port tanks RSW.
• Navigation and acoustic equipment.
• Winches, cranes, deck equipment.
• Fishing equipment.
Ship class: КМ Ice3 AUT1 Fishing vessel
Length: 27.5 m
Width: 9.5 m
Depth: 6.6 m
Draft on waterline: 4.8m
Speed: 12.0 knots
GEM: 1700 kW
Autonomy: 25 days
Crew: 9 people
RSW tank capacity: 300m3